Critical Reviews for In The Wake

Chicago Theatre Review
“This terrific directing debut with The Comrades comes from Alex Mallory. She understands all the nuances and quirks of these interesting characters and has guided her seven-member cast to some sublime performances.”

Picture This Post
“The Comrades, an ensemble-based company founded less than two years ago, gives IN THE WAKE the kind of skilled production that maintains Chicago’s reputation as a city of small stages. In the hands of director Alex Mallory, it’s both nuanced and straightforward.”

Windy City Times
“In the Wake is filled with very astute writing, delivered in a consistently believable manner by the cast under Alex Mallory's smart direction and generally-crisp pacing.”

Splash Magazines
“Tautly directed by Alex Mallory, “In the Wake” features 7 fine actors- 6 of whom are women- portraying closely linked lives during a slice of time beginning with the first election of GWB, and encompassing “9/11” and that President’s second term."

Critical Reviews for Dijla Wal Furat

Talkin' Broadway
"The performances under Alex Mallory’s direction are first-rate all around."

New York Theatre Review
“It’s a dreamlike experience that leaves the audience contemplating the true extent and fallout of a seemingly unending conflict.”
"The languages represented on stage include not only English and Arabic, but French and Spanish as well, yet in this cacophony of voices it is still always clear what is going on. The heart of the story always comes through."

Arts International
"The production is brilliantly directed by Alex Mallory."

Further Writing about Dijla Wal Furat

How We Were: Maurice Decaul’s Stage Vision of Iraq, 2003
A blog post on "Time Now" by former Army officer Peter Molin
March 1, 2015

Critical Reviews for Goliath
"On Saturday night, I witnessed one of the rare gifts that theatre bestows upon us from time to time—a powerful and passionately produced piece, raising important questions about the world we live in today. That piece is GOLIATH, produced by Poetic Theater Productions."

“Alex Mallory’s direction is deft. Each actor is a character in David’s life, but also a member of a sort of Greek chorus commenting on the world that surrounds him and his choices. Her staging allows the actors to slip seamlessly among these roles and it unobtrusively supports and defines the poetry that it is rooted in. She creates evocative movement that often suggests the realism of war photojournalism in a couple of moments, and then the youthful tableau of a house party with an ease and grace that orients the audience to the map of this quick moving piece. There is a polish to the choices and a meaning to her arrangement of the actors upon the stage that slowly reveals itself as the action proceeds."

Show Showdown
“As beautifully rendered by Rivera, Mallory, and an excellent cast, there is nothing here that is anything less than fresh, honestly emotional, heartbreaking, and true. Rivera and Mallory use scenes and monologues, choral testimony and hard-hitting visuals to find new ways to say something simple but profound: war is a perversion of humanity.”

Theatre is Easy
"An inventive and important work of poetic theatre that's smartly contrived and incredibly affecting."

"This talented cast finds the emotional strife in their stories without needing to comment on their circumstances. This is largely due to Alex Mallory's smart direction."

"Mallory's visceral staging is almost more choreography than direction, and the lines are often spoken by more than one cast member and delivered in a style that lets the ensemble breathe as one being despite seven individual perspectives."

Stage Buzz
"The use of language and chorus is amazing and speaks volumes both about Rivera's writing and director Alex Mallory's excellent feel for the material. The use of poetic language and chorus and repetition in the dialogue brings a sense of heightened drama to the play. It's a very nice touch and one that Mallory exploits to great effect."

Urban Crazes
"I highly recommend the American Veteran Affairs Department to consider producing GOLIATH within rehabilitation centers throughout the nation."

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'Honor the Sacrifice'
A letter to the editor by Vietnam veteran Everett Cox In the Warwick Advertiser
November 6, 2012

A War, Literature & the Arts Journal blog post by retired Air Force Pilot and professor of War & Literature at the Air Force Academy, James A. Moad II
September 15, 2012

Holding a Mirror up to Nature
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June 6, 2011